Urgently need the DDF files for Great Plains Accounting DOS 7.0 or earlier for ORDHST.DAT file


I know this is crazy request, but for any old school members that still have the start up disks for Great Plains Accounting - DOS for version 7 or earlier.  What I need is the DDF files so I can export some data from the ORDHST.DAT file.  Unfortunately, I backed up the data files, but I never saved the DDF files, which is required with Btrieve.  This was about 15 years ago.  Rookie mistake ;)

Anyway if anyone has these files so I can export the data from the ORDHST.DAT file, it is very much appreciated and will safe me some time as I attempt to rebuild the DDF files.  Even if I could get a screen shot showing the fields and field legnths for the ORDHST.DAT table.

Thank you in advance for your assistance...

Elvis :)