GP 2015 PM Decimal issue.


Enter a Cash Receipt and apply an amount.






When I print from the Cash Receipts Entry window, the Cash Receipts Edit List, where it shows the Applied Distributions the columns ‘Discount’, ‘Write off’ and ‘Amount Applied’ do not report any decimal positions.  So if the amount is 123.45 it is reported as 1.  The decimals are there on all the other columns but not in this band.



If I print the Receivables Apply Document Listing from form Apply Sales Documents the decimals are there.



Check the table RM20201.APPTOAMT and confirmed that the amount on the table has the decimals.

After a bit more poking I found that the Purchasing Edit List has the same problem, the section General Ledger distribution columns (Debit Amount and Credit Amount) are both missing decimals.


Just to be thorough, I found that the Receivables Trial Balance and Edit list do not have this problem so it seems to be on the AP side.

I checked and doubled checked these reports and they are not modified.  I don’t have any 3rd party tools installed.





What is odd is its only occurring in my production company.  This problem does not exist with the test company (Fabrikam).  All users have this same problem.


Since its occurring in one company and not the other I don’t think it’s a dictionary problem but I  re-updated and re-synchronized the reports.dic and forms.dic anyway.  Figured I had nothing to lose.


Any  ideas here?