Cannot print a posting journal (Unable to start printing error screen)


For reports that have multiple reports (e.g. Bank Transactions, where after I post an entry, it spits out a Bank Reconciliation Posting Journal, followed by a General Journal), for every report except for the last one, I am unable to print the page to my printer. (Right now I have to manually print to PDF, and then save it onto my desktop, and print from my desktop, which is a big pain).

I have contacted our GP partner, who thought it was because of redirected printers, but since I added the printer onto the remote computer, I am still having issues.

Weird thing is that I do not have this issue with my TEST company... even though I often get our Network Administrators to help replicate the live company data to the test company whenever necessary... so I would think the settings are the same, but maybe not?

Would really appreciate any help I can get on this one.


  • Do you have any customization?


  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for providing a detailed description of your problem. From reading your post it sounds like you are logging into GP via a terminal server and that you have already worked through any printer redirection issues that could be contributing to this issue.

    My next area of focus would be the "Named Printers" configuration. Named Printers is a feature which allows users to control which printer is used per company & user designation. A good example of this would be to control which printer your AP checks are sent to as opposed to your standard posting journal reports. In your situation, I would be interested to review the Named Printers setup (if in use) to assess the difference between the live company and the test company.

    Please review when able and let us know if additional assistance is needed.