Extra entry in RM40401 table

I have a scribe process that runs great in our Test database but does not run in production. The only difference I can find between the two is that the production database has an extra entry in the RM40401 table. Aside from the usual TMDTYPAL 1 through 9 there is an entry with RMDTYPAL = 0, DOCDESCR = Sales/Invoices, DOCABREV = SLS. This entry does not have the typical DOCNUMBR that is alphanumeric. It is only numeric in this entry. It seems to be a copy of RMDTYPAL 1 which is also Sales/Invoices but has the correct DOCNUMBR format. No one seems to know how this entry got into this table. My question is what other tables link to this RM40401 table. Is it safe to delete this Receivables setup entry or are there downstream ramifications to doing so. I have cloned the Production database to the test environment so that I can test there first but wanted to get some feedback prior to doing so. I checked with our consultant and they were unsure of the implications and had never seen this situation before.

Many thanks, Jenn