Employees not showing up after the build payroll checks

Normal pay run is done on a monthly basis.

Last month two semimonthly payrolls were ran last month to facilitate a pay date change, one with the value date of 16 March, 2015 and one with the 25 March, 2015 value date. In April we are to return to our normal monthly payroll, but only three new employees who were added to the HR module after March 25, 2015 payroll run was completed.

Only the new employees who were added to the payroll after the last pay run of March 2015 are showing up, non of the other existing employees are showing up after I preformed a "Build Payroll Checks".

Please help any assistance would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,




  • Hi Yvette,

    Troubleshooting payroll build check issues can be tricky as there any many factors contributing to the presence and/or absence of data. In order to properly assess this, I would need to see a screenshot of a monthly employee card (New and Old employee) and the build checks form used to initiate the pay run process.

    Without having this information, my first guess would be to make sure the pay period and employee class assignment for the employees matches the pay period / class selection in the build check form.