Great Plains Issue - Creditor Enquiry

Hi All,

I'm new to this and apologise in advance for any mistakes! I work in an IT dept and I'm truly stuck with this Great Plains 2010 issue.

This issue is only happening to one user. They had a load of compile errors whenever they went to access the creditor section in GP "Compile Error: Can't find project or library" and what is highlighted in Visual Basic is "Private Sub CreditorID_Changed()

So not knowing how to fix it I built her a new PC and installed GP on it. Now if she opens any creditor enquiries the banking details, email address etc are all missing even though if she logs onto another machine it's there. If so one else uses this new machine it also doesn't work. So it does seem tied to this PC as opposed to her profile/ permissions.

I have screenshots if I can work out how to upload them but any advise or help would be SOOOOO gratefully accepted. Thanks.