Purchasing Invoice Entry vs Receivings Transaction Entry



I am a programmer, I'm trying to figure out the business logic on the two screens mentioned above. They both process PO's but as I am a developer and not an end user or power user, I am trying to figure out the differences to why you would use one or the other, do they do the same functionality? Or are they used together in a bigger process I am not seeing? Anyone with information to why I would use one or the other or any supplemental information would be appreciated. I'm trying to understand how these two screens work with similarities and/or differences between them.


thank you kindly.

  • The purchasing invoice entry form is used to record A/P transaction activity (i.e. enter all of the bills owed to vendors). The receivings transaction entry form is similar (as you indicated), but is used to record A/R transaction activity (i.e. money owed by customer sales).

    Another way to think about this, is the purchasing invoice entry is required to enter transactional data into the PM tables, while the receivings transaction entry populates transactional data into the RM tables.

    Since GP is built upon a module architecture, each module is required to have it's own transaction entry point.