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Not all required fields have been entered???


I'm trying to create a receivables scheduled payment (Sales-->Scheduled Payments).  I select an original document number (posted SOP invoice) and the appropriate data from that document populates the expected fields.  I then add data to the other required fields but when I click Save or Post I get a message that "Not all required fields have been entered. Required fields appear in bold red type.".

From the attached screenshot I cannot see that I missed entering information into any of the required fields.  I reviewed the dexsql.log and it was not helpful as it just shows the call for the error message text.  I'm logged in as 'sa' in a test environment and have full access to all modules, screens, etc.  I'm stumped and would appreciate any insights, ideas, etc.  

Many thanks!


  • As a follow-up and thanks to my good friend Joe Morris I discovered what the cause of this issue was.  Since I had an interest rate value assigned to the scheduled payment it required me to also have an Interest Income GL account specified.  Duh!!!  Once I assigned that I was able to save and post the scheduled payment.  Hopefully this post will save someone else a little time if they encounter the same issue.  

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!