Upgrade to GP 2013

We are considering upgrading from GP 2010, are there any significant issues we should be aware of and does anyone have any guidance for best practice with redesigning the chart of accounts, and we will require the ability to consolidate accounts.

Currently we use four segment CoA and perform our consolidations within Excel and using a consolidation entiry.

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  • Microsoft has a well documented approach for performing Dynamics GP upgrades. The process can be very technical depending on the upgrade requirements and should be performed by an experienced IT admin or your Microsoft partner resource. Please reach out to your partner contact to have an upgrade assessment performed.

    As for COA redesign, you and your organization should be very careful in assessing the need to change the COA structure as this can be a difficult and expensive process. Like the upgrade process, all COA redesign initiatives should be coordinate with the help of your Microsoft Partner to properly assess the best direction.

    In re: to account consolidations, I would be interested to know whether or not you are using Management Reporter (previously FRx) for your financial reporting. If you are, then you should be able to utilize Management Reporter as opposed to Excel to consolidate your balances.