Payroll Accrual Setup

An Accrual is setup the following way...

Accrue By: Interval

Number of Hours to Accrue: 120.00

Number of Days per Interval: 365

Maximum Accrual Hours per Year: 120.00

Maximum Hours Available: 160.00

On an employee's last pay stub he had 40 hours of vacation, he hit his one year anniversary this pay .  His pay stub reflected 128 and he did not use any vacation time.

The vacation accrual that was assigned to him was 120 hours.  This indicates to me that the accrual set up is assigned to allow 8 hours of carryover only.  It appears to me that the maximum allowed hours at this accrual should have been 160 hours and he should have carried over 40 hours plus the 120 hours for a total of 160.

What is setup incorrectly on the Accrual setup?

  • Could you please confirm whether or not your organization is using PTO manager. If you are, you should be able to achieve the above with the use of the "Anytime Maximum" setup value. Please confirm that the correct values are assigned at both the accrual code and employee / code assignment cards (forms).