GP2010 Picking vs Packing tickets

I have a dilemma. We have started adding more and more kits to our inventory as people like to have groups of things they can purchase all at once. The problem is, we like packing slips because they print the kit items directly under the item they are for, however, they are not in alphanumerical order. Our entire warehouse is alphanumeric in order to make pulling and checking items easier. We have tried picking tickets and adore them for how they print the items, but they mash the kit items into the rest of the regular items and we can't keep the kits separate. That is very problematic because the kits are packed separately in boxes with the rest of the order and if they are manged in with the rest of the order it make more work trying to sort them later. Is there a way to combine these two functions. Can it be set somehow to print a packing slip that keeps kits items indented right under their number and prints all the other items, include the main kit number itself, in alphanumeric order? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a total novice in this as the person that used to modify reports and such is no longer with us and I am trying to do this myself. If I need to go to the modified reports, I can look at the modified reports and scratch my head while muddling through changing a logo or something, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. Thank you so much.