Track back from "payroll calculate checks" to PA Timesheet & Payroll transaction GP 2010 & GP2013


I am using GP 2010, SP5 and US Payroll with below integrations. Need this in both GP2010 & GP2013

PA - Project Accounting, TS - Timesheet, SL - Subledger, GL - General Ledger, PR - Payroll


(A) 1st query


(1) PA TS integrated with Payroll, payroll integrated with vendor,

    PA TS integrated with Billing, and all post to/through SL & GL


(2) Post TS which would be available in PR batch

(3) Build Checks & Calculate checks (stop here)


Here is my customization need.

I need to fetch the Tax amounts, benefit amounts which are in below tables relating to

  the PR posted and TS posted tables. I need to track these tax & benefit amounts to

  the trx ids of PR & TS


   UPR10202 -- UPR_WORK_HDR -- Payroll Work Header

   UPR10205 -- UPR_WORK_Benefit -- Payroll Work Benefit


I could not get a link between these tables to PR & TS tables nor in SDK. Can anyone help me to

 the column that links  Calculate check & PR & TS posted tables


(A) 2nd query


I also would like to get a similar link after Print Checks process completed between

after posted print checks, PR trx no. & TS trx no. (or such key)

After print checks the data would be in other tables & not in "UPR Work tables".


Your early help would be much appreciated.