Relocating working GP 2010 server to new network

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Sorry for the very general nature of this question, but I need some advice on relocating an existing MS GP 2010 system to a newly forming business (new network). In a nutshell, I’m a system administrator working to separate my business unit off and form a new company. So, the existing company will expect me to take ownership of this application, and then cut all our machines off of their network.

I am told that this GP system has only 1 user, and the controller uses “the general ledger module, and maybe a little AP”.

Anyway, I just need some advice on what questions I should ask the local IT staff about this server application and what issues I might expect.  I am assuming that this GP system is configured into AD, and I will need to separate it from this; it will probably run on our network without AD for some number of weeks. With only 1 user, I am hoping it is still usable with some sort of local authentication.  Where can I look in GP to discern if the application has any external dependencies that would prevent its use after being cut off from its original network?

Also, can anyone point me to any information about how to backup and restore this application?

Thanks in advance for any tips you can offer to get me up to speed quickly.