Consolidating 3rd Party Dictionaries - Dex & VBA



I found your website today when searching for information on Microsoft Dynamics GP – Visual Studio Tools.  The question I have is unrelated to that search, but I found your website very helpful and noticed your invite for dialogue and questions and your helpful attitude J


We have a client who has their 3rd Party customizations in 5 separate dictionaries, some with VBA code in the corresponding .vba file for the dictionary. 


The request the client has made to our custom development team is to consolidate these 5 dictionaries into 1.  Their mindset is this will simplify updates and maintenance.


Our team is trying to get our arms around what type of effort this would involve.  We do know that if we merge into 1 dictionary, we would probably need to import all their VBA packages into this new dictionary so the corresponding .vba file for the dictionary is also be consolidated.


We’re also concerned about Resource ID’s being in conflict once we “merge” to 1 dictionary in the case that two dictionaries are using the same Resource ID for different objects and therefore one would be incorrect after the “merge”.


If you have any thoughts on this or know of any tools to help with this effort, please let me know.



Thank You,