Invalid Unit Cost - Timesheet Insert Microsoft Great Plains

I am getting the following error when using Scribe to insert a Timesheet line item into Microsoft Great Plains:
"Invalid Unit Cost. If Currency ID is different than the Functional ID than you need to pass in PAUNITCOST Node Identifier"

I am able to create timesheet line items and headers with a US currency, which is the functional currency of GP. But when I try to create a timesheet with a different currency (Canadian), I get the message above.

When I try to pass a value 0 or 0.00000 for Unit Cost, I get the same message. I am able to pass a value of 1 and the line item gets created, but that value will cause accounting errors. When timesheets are created manually in GP with a US or Canadian currency, the unit cost is set to 0.

Does anyone have tips on how I can solve this problem?