Missing navigation pane button with Citrix


We have built a customization for GP using Dexterity, and this customization includes a new navigation pane button and associated area page.  When opening GP normally, everything shows up fine.  Now when GP is accessed via Citrix, our navigation pane button does not show up.  When the Navigation Pane Options form is opened, the button we added is not present.  Is this a known problem, or is it possible we're creating the navigation button in the wrong way?  Below is a description of how we're adding the nav bar button in Dexterity.

The following is in a procedure that is triggered to run after CreateDefaultNavBarButtons.  "Our_Navigation" is a command of type Command List.

nSeq = 0;
nStatus = AddNavBarButton("",
 resourceid(form OUR_Command_Form),
 resourceid(command OUR_Navigation of form OUR_Command_Form),
 0,0,0,true) of form syNavBarBtnObj;

Thanks in advance,