Question relating to schedule payments dynamics gp 2010

 we have a credit card system for our employees in our company with the credit limit depending upon their job profile, we create the invoices as and when we receive info from the card swipe data for what ever item is purchased by the employee and we schedule the payments for 20 months  for which we are using schedule payments and we charge 3% interest for 20 months.

now the question is 

suppose the employee purchased an item costing 1000 which we have schedule for payments for 20 months with 3% interest
he pays 2 installments and wants to settle the balance amount by paying the full amount in his 3rd installment 
how can we do that in dynamics gp 2010  remember i want the balance interest  for the full amount pending i.e 3 % and balance amount

  • Good Question.

    But  I don't think you will get these kind of solution on forum as careful functional analysis needed for this.

    Let me know if you really interested for solution on my email, so we would talk further.