how to print duplicate sales invoice wih different headings

Hello Everyone, I Am re-asking this question in case the solution can be found in this section.

I am trying to use report writer/vba to ensure that I can print the same sales invoice with two different heading so that the customer can retain one while we retain one in the office

i.e when we send the invoice to the printer, it prints two copies and:

Copy one has a label: Customer Copy

Copy two has a label; Office Copy

I would like to do this without clicking the reprint button. Thanks

  • Hi Jolaoso,

    You may want to consider a product called Spindle Professional.  It's an intelligent print driver that can print two different copies of the documents with different logos at the click of a button.  For the customer version you may want to automatically print some terms and conditions with it.

    It would also be able to electronically archive a copy on your PC or network drive.  alternatively SharePoint or Dynamics CRM.

    Please feel free to message me,