VBA Vs VS Tools fo GP

Hello Friends,

Having worked on Visual Basic 6.0 / VBA for many years now, I've done lots of customizations using VBA in GP.  Over a period, I've realized that, VBA is certainly out and it's a challenge to work on GP customizations using VBA as I feel it's not so flexible in terms of using OR customizing Grids.  I normally add Visual Basic's Flex-Grid Control through VBA to user-forms in GP, which creates problem while registering on client machines due to new Operating Systems post XP, where Visual Basic is no more a good choice and not workable - the common DLL hell.  On the other hand, the grid control of GP doesn't allow you to control it through VBA like in case if I want to tab through rows to read the values OR update the values.

Moving ahead, if I want to customize the GP screens using Visual Studio Tools - .Net - in opposed to using VBA, I'm still un-sure whether the VS is a replacement for VBA to GP.  I mean whether I can do the same using VS Tools what I used to do using VBA because I'm not able to alter the existing screens using VS Tools but yes it allows to add new screens/forms. 

My main requirement is to add new forms with all the dotNet controls in GP and also to customize the existing GP screens and manipulate the GP grids in order to validate / read / write data in grid by tabbing through the grid - Example grid in 'Inventory Transaction Entry'.  May be I'm not sure how to work OR whether it's really possible to customize the existing screens of GP using VS Tools.

I appreciate, if someone can highlight on this and also refer to some very useful links / sources to identify the differences.


Thanks in advance.


  • Dear Nooruddin,

    I did lots of customization using VS tool kit including modification in GP existing form and Third party forms.

    You can't change the GP existing form in Vs tool kit but there is a way.

    First you need to do a modify (add new fields etc..) the Form using modifier tool then convert that modified dictionary into dll. 

    Add that dll into .Net project and access that field and its trigger.

    You can find this whole steps in VS tool Kit Guide.

    Let me know if you need any help.



    Naveed ali