eConnect configuration to integrate data to GP

Our requirement is to integrate data from our application to GP using eConnect. We have GP and eConnect installed in a server.Our application runs from another machine which has to send data to GP in our server using eConnect.

Is that necessary to install eConnect in developer's machine as well as in the server?

As eConnect uses windows authentication, we use integrated security in our application to connect with eConnect. So, we are now able to integrate data from one user's machine whose credentials was given while installing eConnect in server.

Can anyone help?


  • install eConnect on the development machine and the server, otherwisde testing will be a ***.  dont worry about credentials, as econnect supplies its own to get into GP databases.

    when you begin development in visual studio, you will supply a service reference (net.pipe://localhost/Microsoft/Dynamics/GP/eConnect/mex)...this is NOT a web service reference.  then, you will be serializing the documents into some base functions like "Createtransactionentity()"

    good luck