Hi Every one,

I have read all your contributions and your profile and thanks for good work you are doing is it help debutants like me especially in Dynamics GP. Specifically,I ave read your article entitled Calling stored procedure from Dexterity and allow me to seek your assistance in the following queries. Am New in dex and I have been trying to compile prototype procedure from dex in order to populate table fields but am finding an error that says "cannot find script 'name of stored procedure' ".This error is on Dex side not the Company Database side.the stored procedure in the DB is fine.

What could be the problem when I try to compile the prototype procedure codes bearing in mind that it has the same name as stored procedure in the database. Secondly is it possible to add data back to sql server databse using sql insert stored procedure from a dex form?. what about update and delete stored procedures can they be invoked by a click of a push button from dex form?. thank you