Where is the multi-currency information for AR transactions stored?


I want to create a document that outlines what is still owing in the originating currency. For example in a US database if I have a CDN invoice for $100.00 and an applied credit for $25.00 I want to show the $75.00 still owing in CDN funds. I looked at the RM20101 table but it only has the functional currency amount which surprised me. I also looked at all the other 20XXX table but the information was not there either. Next I looked at the AR Multi-currency statement but the tables used were temp tables. If I take the US amount and the exchange rate changed between invoice and credit memo changes I will show the amount owing as different from $75.00! Since the originating amount is not stored in the RM20101 neither is the exchange rate used.


Any help that can be provide would be appreciated.