Dex customization

I had saved dynamics.dic prevously where i had done customizations in dex.

Now i want to acess the dynamics.dic and resume my development.

when i point to that dynamics.dic from dex enviroment to access my forms,i click on debug menu and then test mode

i get message

"you need to run dynamics.dic utilities before you can run dynamics.c.Do you want to launch Dynamics.dic utilities now? '

and the dex enviroment terminates.

what will i do to be able to access debug mode without the error notification.

Please help.



  • Dear Kaykay,

    You just need to copy the dex.ini file from Dynamics GP \data folder and paste it to Dexterity/data folder and replace the dex.ini file.

    I hope this will solve your problem



    Naveed Ali

  • In reply to Naveed Ali:


    I am using dynamics GP 2013. I am facing the same problem which you are facing. I copied the dex.ini file to the Dexterity/Data folder, but it didnt help me. Can you help me to resolve the problem?

  • Hi,

    Instead of copying the Dex.ini to the c\gpdev folder copy it to the root of your Dexterity folder (something like Program Files\ Microsoft Dexterity\<your root folder> and see if that works.  You might want to save off the dex.ini in the root before you overwrite but you don't have to.

    If that does not solve your issue then I would next think you do not have the same version of Dynamics.dic (service pack) that is the current to the server you are connection to.



  • In reply to eeswar:

    Naveed answer is correct and it should solve the issue, if you are still getting error then past it here so will tell you next step. :)