Inventory Adjustments

We currently have Inventory issues where we need to write-off inventory.

What is the best process to do that using the front end or going into the database and adjusting manually?



  • do you also want to delete those inventory from GP?

  • In reply to almas:

    Here is one of the anomalies.....

    • 8 Total
    • 8 OHQ
    • 5 Allocated
    • 3 Available

    Physically they have 0 items

    Last year they took a financial write off but never adjusted the inventory so now they want to undo the financial adjustments and then fix the inventory so the numbers are correct.


    What is the best way to handle this?

    How can you check for incomplete transactions? Receipts, Shipped, Adjusted?


  • In reply to Raymond Cordero:

    I have emailed you.