The Secret Partner Update at Amplify

Well, technically it's not a secret, but I am announcing it today.

A partner and ISV only update will be held on Sunday May 22 at 5:15-7 in the Platinum Ballroom 2 at the Marriott Anaheim.  In this update, we will talk about topics that are not covered in Amplify and are for only partners and ISV's.

Any ISV or partner is welcome to attend even if they are not able to attend Amplify. There is no registration and no charge.  If you are attending Amplify, I encourage you to register before coming, registration ends at 5.

After the update, we will have a cocktail time hosted by NjevityToGo, RoseASP, and WatServ, ending at 7:00 PM so you can focus on hosting your customers.

Information is posted on the site.  Come and get geared up for Amplify.


UPDATE:  I have had many questions about what content will be at this partner update.  We will not cover GP 2016 R2 or product roadmap because we will talk about that in the keynote on Monday with customers.  This time will be to talk about topics that are partner centric and not shared with customers.  Hope to see you all there.

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