Hey, where is the #GP2018 sample data? 4/12/2017 isn't working!

For those of you who use the sample company Fabrikam, all of the data is on 4/12/2017.

The Dynamics GP partner community actually had a virtual celebration this year on 4/12. We had people from the community take pictures with a #FabrikamDay sign literally all over the world.  There are thousands of pictures, so I can't share them all but you can see many of the on Twitter if you search #FabrikamDay and sort it to pictures.

Here is a great video summary of the day:


Here are a few videos that may bring back some of the history of #MSDYNGP.



Now in Dynamics GP 2018, the sample data is no longer on 4/12/2017.  We moved to 4/12/2027.

We can all have another celebration in 2027!

Happy Fabrikam Day!


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