Customer Videos that support the Dynamics GP Story

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you control over and visibility
into your entire business. With greater control, you can have the confidence
that the everyday decisions made by you and your employees will help improve
profitability, turn margins into cash flow, and ultimately drive your business
growth. View customer testimonial videos that showcase how Microsoft Dynamics GP
can help customers gain greater control over their business, improve their
margins and ultimately grow their business.

  • Gain
    Greater Control of Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP
    49 MB -
    Increase visibility and insight into how your business is performing.
    With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can streamline accounting processes, improve
    transparency, and collaborate more efficiently to gain greater control of your
  • Drive
    Your Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP
    27.5 MB - .wmv
    improved profitability into new opportunities with a solution that drives and
    supports your business growth. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can easily scale
    to accommodate new business processes and growth without significant increases
    to your original investment—or your payroll.
  • Increase
    Your Margins with Microsoft Dynamics GP
    74.5 MB - .wmv
    Make smarter
    decisions to improve your operating margins—and your cash flow.  Microsoft
    Dynamics GP helps you maximize profitability by getting the most out of your
    people and systems.
  • Microsoft
    Dynamics GP Delivers Simplicity, Value and Agility for Your Business
    MB - .wmv
    Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics GP works with the
    technology systems you already have, delivering long-term value without a
    complex and costly implementation. And, you can easily scale to accommodate new
    business processes and growth.
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