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We received a request from our Auditors to separate Power user role into two different roles

1. First role will have access to only User Security

2. Second Role will have access to all other modules.

We tried to creating new role to give access to only user security, for some reason we are having issues in making it work. What security tasks needs to be assigned for the role that will be able to create new user, assign roles to new user. (SQL level will have access to create new user and allow to give access to the database)

Please let us know how we can accomplish this task.



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  • You would have to create 2 new Security one to just handle security objects and processes and another with everything checked except the users security objects.

    You would need to narrow your focus to determine what is needed to work exclusively with users, user access, and user security and possibly the Admin module setup screen.  The other would need everything except what you set to build the other.

    Get together with your VAR partner and have them help you, you probably want to create the roles and then test them in a test company.

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