Hosting Dynamics GP in your own Azure tenant

Anyone have experience with hosting GP in Azure?  Just curious what VM sizing you chose, and what performance tips you might have?  How hard was the migration process?  Sure seems like a hot topic but I see all different kinds of recommendations out there.  

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  • Hi ,

    I've moved a few customers now from on-prem GP to the Azure cloud, in varying sizes, but mostly SMB's. In one case I took over a setup that was done by another partner and it was completely overkill for what the customer needed, ending up in paying a monthly bill of 3.5k$ whereas they could have easily got away with less than half of that monthly spending. 

    The first big mistake was to select a SQL Enterprise version for something that wasn't justified, paying upfront twice or three times the monthly license cost for SQL, which is ridiculous. Second, the former partner setup 3 VM's where 2 would have been enough for only 4-5 GP users.. Again, overkill and lack of knowledge on how the system operates and what GP needs in terms of resources. 

    Two other customers I moved to hosted platform were identical in size and their monthly bill is way less than 1k$. I also noticed that many times the VM's are over-sized when setting up the initial configuration.. The essence of Azure is to able to easily scale up or down once you started with it, and IMHO it's easier to scale up, especially when it comes to storage space. 

    LMK if you want more details. 

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