Hey everyone

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new and improved GP forum.  There was one here a while ago, but then it got deleted.  We've put it back and are ready for some interaction.

Step up and introduce yourself!


  • Hi ,

    Many Thanks to you and  to open us the doors on the Dynamics UG community site.. 

    I've been a long time GP on the user side (15+ years) and since 3 years now an independent consultant, still advocating Dynamics GP despite all the commercial pressure by MS to push the entire D365 product line to the existing customers, and 365BC in particular for GP clients.. 

    The future of our GP User Group community as we have known it for the past years is looking all but rose I fear and we don't know what's going to happen to it since it changed hands back in 2019...

    I'll start spreading the word around our GP User community that a kid in the block has shown up and is open to new members and that everyone is welcome without any pressure of any sort. I've also been a long-time contributor and moderator on the MS Dynamics Community site and still enjoy to visit it on a (almost) daily basis when time permits. 

    Rest assured that the posts here will remain strictly GP centric and there will be no activism of any sort :-D nor political debates. 
    Looking forward to the new community site about GP.

    B@, aka GP Geek. 

    PS: I see this is the "Functional" branch of the forum around GP, I guess there will be more branches to come ? (sorry if they already exists, haven't taken the big tour yet). 

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