How can I integrate CRM into POS billing system

Hi Gang!  I need your help.  I am looking for expert advice on How can I integrate CRM into POS billing system and wondering if anyone can shed some light on their experiences 

  • Hi Sheetal! You have a few options, mostly of what path you take depends on who your POS billing system is AND what version of CRM you're on.

    If you're on premise, you might have a few more steps to make a connection/integration.

    If you're online, you might be able to save some time and effort (depending on your POS).

    • Option 1: Check if your POS system has a connector in Power Automate! You can look at or (This is still possible with On Premise CRM, but you'll need to first configure the On Premise Gateway connector.)
    • Option 2: Make a custom integration between CRM & your POS. The most popular tech used to do this is by using Scribe or KingswaySoft.

    Those are your two best options! Let me know if you have specific questions - I've done both and am happy to help if you need it!

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