Omnichannel Agent Presence Not Loading

Recently, with some of the system updates that have come out for Omnichannel, there’s been an interesting issue observed. This is essentially when the Agent Presence (which signifies the available of the agent) doesn’t load within the system.

This is of course a problem. Without agents able to set their status, it’s not possible to have conversation sessions come through to them. As a result, they’re not able to do their work!

It’s an interesting issue, and one that I’ve discussed with several other people who are deeply involved with Omnichannel for Customer Service. We’re not quite sure why it’s happening, but there seems to be some different things going on.

It can range from either the presence icon not showing up at all, to it showing up, but not being able to be selected/changed.

As there are already some stellar resources out there around this, I therefore would like to link to these, rather than just repeat information!

The first thing to try is the fix that Tricia Sinclair suggests at Omni Channel Engagement Hub: Fix Missing Presence Icon – Everything D365 ( Here Tricia points out how to use the new App Profile Manager to put a fix in. There’s even a really helpful video that she’s done to walk us through the steps!

The second thing to try is the fix that Victor Sanchez suggests at Omnichannel Error in Wave 2 | Victor Sanchez ( This involves changing the URL for the Channel Provider

Have you come across this issue, and not been able to solve it? Drop a comment below, and I’ll do my best to try to help out!

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