Data migration from Really Simple CRM


Has anyone here managed to migrate the data from Really Simple Systems CRM ( into Dynamics 2011? The data is exported as CSV files but mapping is becoming a real nightmare.
Does anyone have any tips please?

  • CRM software is now very popular because of the business solution.If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information?

  • In reply to eden hazard:

    Hi John,

    I guess there are no shortcuts and you have to spend time mapping the data for it to import correctly in the right columns of the table.

    Having said that, please have a look at Scribe.

    It is data integration & migration specially for Dynamics CRM space (and other Dynamics products). I don't know whether your project has additional budget for investing in Scribe.

    The other way I can suggest is to write a simple dotnet console app which will read your CSV and populate CRM 2011 database. Be sure to use the CRM Organization web service to update CRM 2011 database. This way data integrity is maintained. Also you can create one aspx page on top on your console app through which you can specify uploading one CSV file at a time. In this console dotnet app you can specify logging to catch any data issues during import.

    I hope this helps.