SSRS Instance is blank for CRM Install

I am trying to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and have installed everything except for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions Setup.  The problem is when I run this setup it gets to the stage where it asks:

Specify the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services instance name that will be used fro Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting.

The dropdown list for SSRS Instance is blank and cannot type anything in it so cannot continue.

I definitely have a reporting server running. I can see it in SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks


  • Hi Chris

    When i had this problem I just put the CRM server computer account (mydomain\computername$) to SQL server login rights. Also check the SQL Access groups in Active directory. Make sure the setup admin account is in the lists.

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    Hi, I also have the same CRM server connected with domain also have active directory permission. Please some one help me!!!!.... I have checked with default instance as well as named inistance SQL installation. Regards, Muthu
  • Hi,

    Please, let’s check the Domain/administrator -user account to use it as service account on the “Server Configuration” page of setup.

    Use a Domain User Account if the service must interact with network services or access domain resources. This account should be pre-created by a domain administration in your environment.

    You can also use built-in accounts as the NetworkService, Local Service or Local System accounts. I don't recommend you to use Local Service Account for SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER). Use Local System if you need a very high-privileged account. It has extensive privileges on the local system.






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    In case you are using a different physical host for  SQL Server , then the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions Setup  MUST be run on the SQL Server Machine and NOT on the CRM Server machine.

    .Hope this helps..

  • Check if your SQL server is 64 bit 

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  • In reply to Ibrahim Turjman:

    Good point.from Ibrahim. 

    Last time I had this issue I was using SQL Server 2008 r2 32-bit. Moving to the 64-bit version fixed the problem.