CRM toolbar in Outlook

We are using CRM dynamics 4 and at several computers the CRM toolbar does not appear in Outlook.

The other functions of CRM (contact, accounta etc) are available!

Is there somebody who can help me with this matter?

  • Hello!

    I have experienced same problem in my office. Thank god I am now out of it. You can also solve this problem. I am telling you the way..Try the CRM Outlook Diagnostic wizard., It is in the CRM outlook folder in client PC...



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    Thanks.  That was the fix.  I somehow had forgotten about the diagnostic wizard.  I always remember it now!

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  • In reply to LauraArnold:

    Set Your CRM Tool Bar

    1. Exit Outlook
    2. Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 
    3. Click on Configuration Wizard 
    4. When the wizard pops up, click on Change your configuration and click next
    5. Then connect to “my company” and click next
    6. Enter the intranet address for your CRM Web client  and click next
    7. Once you have configured the wizard successfully, you can start Outlook
    8. The CRM toolbar and lower right hand corner icon should both initialize.