How can we get and use a percentage discount in the line items of the Opportunity Form

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By default, the line items of the Opportunity Form (CRM 2013) only allows to fill in a discount as an absolute amount.

Basically, we would like to have the following functionality:

- Percentage discount column in the line item table of the Opportunity Form,

- Percentage editable in the line item table,

- Other functions of the line items table should not be effected or be disabled.


So far, we haven't been able to properly implement such functionality. As beginning MS Dynamics CRM users, we are quite amazed that such functionality is not available by default.

I would expect that most sales people work with percentage discounts. So, I assume that we are not the first running into this issue.

Any help with this is very much appreciated.


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  • Hi,

    See following link

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    Thank you for the answer.


    I am not sure if this solution will work as an editable item in the line items overview. 

    This item will then first have to be openend and then the percentage will have to be filled in the form that is opened. To be honest this is a quite inefficient way of working, if you have to do this for all lines in your quotation.


    I am a bit amazed that this is not part of the standard functionality of CRM Dynamics in the first place and that you have to add custom Java script for this kind of functionality .  Competing products have this by default. I think the use of discount amounts (instead of percentages) is very unusual in quotations.


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