Mail Merge templates not showing in the Lookup Template list


I have created some new Mail Merge Templates and turned on Mail Merge in the General Entity Options tab for a number of new Entities within our CRM system. For some reason in a couple of these entities I am unable to see any templates to select in the template list when trying to create a new Mail Merge document from them during testing.

The Mail Merge Button is showing on the ribbon as I would expect in the entity form, but when the Lookup Record form opens after selecting the button there are no templates to select, not even the default system templates. I can see my new templates and the system templates from other entities where Mail Merge has been turned on so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the view.

I would be really grateful if someone could let me know how to solve this problem or tell me why it is happening so I can figure out a work around as this has had me stumped for the last week.

Regards Rick


  • Hello Rick,

    In MSCRM, the mail merge template has two options for displaying the template to the users,

    1)    Individual – facilitates viewing only the user who creates the template.
    2)    Organization – facilitates viewing all the users in CRM.


    The problem with the template which is not displaying might have been caused due to selection of Individual option.


    By changing the option to Organization, the issue shall get resolved.

    Given below are the steps to change the option to Organization:

    Settings > Templates > Mail Merge Templates > Select the record from the Mail Merge Templates Grid > Go to More Actions > And then select Make Available to Organization.

    Hope this helps.


    Congruent Info - Tech

  • In reply to Congruent Soft:

    Hi, thanks for the reply to my question, but I've been pointed in the right direction by another answer over on the Microsoft Dynamics Community forum site. 

    Cheers Rick