Why do users convert GroupWise to Outlook?

It is important to understand that people generally avoid any form of important data transfer. This is because there are always risks involved while dealing with classified data. To understand the benefits to convert GroupWise to Outlook, you need to understand the problems that users face with GroupWise

  • GroupWise often crashes and gives errors while opening or sending email data. This results in data loss or file corruption at times
  • The user interface is old and plain
  • The application does not offer frequent patches
  • You do not get the facility of shared folders
  • Debugging the errors within the system are very difficult
  • Even the error messages and crash pop-ups provide details which are not easy to comprehend or solve
  • It is costly compared to other means of email management
  • Installing and managing GroupWise can cost highly meanwhile Outlook comes pre-installed as a part of Outlook suite
  • GroupWise is not accessible from just any computer.

These are the problems that GroupWise users have to face and it is due to these shortcomings people migrate to Outlook.
Let us now look at the real benefits to convert GroupWise to Outlook by looking at advantages of Outlook.

  • The outlook is astonishingly easy to use
  • It has the most user-friendly interface that any novice can understand
  • Outlook comes pre-installed within the Outlook suite
  • It can be accessed through any computer, phone or tablet
  • It does not have high maintenance costs
  • It is safer and less prone to errors because of constant developments
  • It has a whole bunch of features which make it more efficient
  • It is lighter and faster compared to GroupWise
  • Overall, it gives better performance and results.

Shoviv Groupwise to Outlook converter is a most proficient and easy answer for those clients who need to convert Groupwise to PST format asap. This Groupwise to Outlook migration tool permits converting multiple Groupwise mailboxes into outlook. The users can save Groupwise data into EML, MSG, and HTML format. Additionally, the tool allows splitting large resultant PST files into multiple ones that makes a better PST management in Outlook. This tool enables the user to preview the data items including emails, calendar, notes item properties, and contacts before the conversion. Try a trial version of this charming tool which provides many high-level features and makes your conversion more precise and accurate. Using the trial version, you can convert the first 25 items/folder as well.

For more info visit here: https://www.shoviv.com/groupwise-to-outlook.html

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  • The smartest way to understand the reasons to migrate GroupWise to PST is unlocking the major shortcomings of the GroupWise client and highlight how Outlook overcomes these shortcomings.

    Drawbacks of the GroupWise email client

    • Often, technical issues can arise unexpectedly within GroupWise giving resulting in troubles when opening or sending emails
    • The platform doesn’t support shared folders
    • Improper handling of the application can mess up its internal settings causing it to crash over and over again
    • Errors and crash messages are usually very cryptic and not at all helpful in finding the resolution; for example – “The address book de-initialization function was never called by its parent application”.
    • The interface of GroupWise is quite basic as compared to other email clients which have much better and interactive look and feel

    The above issues might appear to be minute to users who’ve gotten used to working with GroupWise for years. However, one of the most dreadful aspects of the platform is that debugging errors or corruption problems within it is extremely difficult. Almost always, in cases of corruption, organizations have to face significant data loss. This can be the huge blow for companies that rely heavily on email communication and data integrity. Overcoming these shortcomings of GroupWise is the primary reason for companies to want to switch to Outlook.

    How Outlook overcomes the drawbacks of GroupWise

    • The platform has a more modernized and polished look and feel
    • Maintaining Outlook is more reasonable as compared to GroupWise
    • It is faster and more stable than GroupWise
    • It has more features as compared to GroupWise
    • It is extremely user-friendly and needs no practical prior training

    The most feasible way for corporate houses to avail the benefits of Outlook is to perform a GroupWise to Outlook migration. This can be achieved by extracting all mailbox data from GroupWise and converting it to Outlook compatible PST file (the local data file in which all Outlook mailbox data is saved).

    Regardless of what your decision is, here are a few things you should know about migrations in general:

    • Office 365 Migration services are costly. They involve procuring equipment and supporting documentation to understand the process. Plus, you might need to rope in field experts to perform the migration and set up the new environment.
    • Migrations typically take time depending upon the number of mailboxes and also their sizes. They’re not blink-and-you’re-done tasks.
    • Manual migrations often suffer from technical glitches resulting in failure to migrate all mailboxes or large ones. You thus need to resort to ways like batch-migration, dummy migrations and the like.



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