CRM 365 - PowerMailChimp automation

Hi Guys

I have a Dynamics 365 online CRM. I have a question about automating Powermailchimp tool in CRM.

Goal: When someone fills up a form in the website, the person should be a lead in CRM and an automated email should be sent out to them through mailchimp because we can see the statistics (like how many opened/clicked).

1. I am using PowerWebForm to capture leads from website into CRM

2. Then I have a dynamics Marketing list so the leads go into that list straight away.

3. I have to sync that Marketing list to mailchimp and then if I create a PowerMailChimp blast, the leads will get the mail through mailchimp.



1. Is there a way that we can automate the step 3? I want to make the sync from CRM Marketing list to mailchimp to be automatic.

2. Say if 10 people have filled in the form this morning and we create a Powemailchimp blast and 10 emails are sent out. Should we have to create a blast everytime to send the emails out? Is there no automatic way?