Dynamics 365 Online and MS Exchange Synchronization

I've been experimenting Server Side Synchronization between a CRM Online (Dynamics 365) and an Exchange Online (same tenet)  and an Exchange On Premises 2016 experimental instances.  I've successfully (I believe) setup the Server Side Sync with both Exchange Online and  Exchange On premises and found it working too - I got something synchronized.  


But, I've certain observations that i like to confirm and clarify with the experts out there so that I could be sure about them.

  1. Email
    1. CRM monitors only the inbox(incoming email) of the mailbox and the sent items doesn't get synchronized into CRM from Exchange
    2. Emails sent from CRM doesn't show up in outlook sent items
    3. Email sent from Outlook doesn't show in CRM
  2. Appointments
    1. Appointments created in CRM shows up in Outlook
    2. Exchange On Premises - Appointments created in Outlook doesn't shows up in CRM.  But, it works with Exchange Online
  3. Contacts
    1. Contacts created in CRM show up in outlook
    2. Contacts created in Outlook doesn't show up in CRM
  4. Tasks
    1. Tasks created in CRM show up in outlook
    2. Tasks created in Outlook doesn't show up in CRM


Please let me know whether the observations mentioned above are the default behaviors of Dynamics 365 or I'm missing something.