how do you sync quotewerks quotes into MS CRM, where the quotes were synced to Salesforce?

Getting out of Salesforce and quotewerks is the app for quoting and were are keeping it.  We currently integrate well  using quotewerks and MS CRM.  The issue is connecting the historical data form qoutewerks to the new MS CRM.  Are there any scripts or sites that can assist with this.  Quotewerisk is no help.

Thank you!

  • There are a couple of ways to accomplish this but one takes time and the other takes funds.
    A) You could open and save each old quote again, assuming new quotes system to MSCRM. Of course this could be time consuming but does cost time.... and time is money....
    B) You could pay a developer to write a conversion utility to do the job for you by creating a "bridge" program to use the API or MSCRM and QW.

    If you would like to discuss, see my information at LinkedIn. Randy Tucker in Simi Valley, CA USA
  • Did you already get this issue solved?