AX/CRM connector - Duplicate record is creating in CRM while updating the existing record


we are using Dynamics connector for AX/CRM integration.

It's a bi-directional process, so we have two mapping one for CRM to AX and AX to CRM.

CRM to AX : record is creating in CRM and flowing to AX though CRM to AX Map in connector. In Map , we mapped Integration key(CRM) with DAX Integration ID(AX) as Concatenate(“{“, Feature Request, “}”) 

AX to CRM :In Ax, updating the created record from CRM through AX to CRM Map and in Map we mapped DAX Integeration ID ,but in CRM its creating new record instead of updating the existing record in CRM with different Integration Key.


Any help would be appreciated..!!



  • Hello Sathish,

    Sounds to me like the key coming from AX is not matching the key in CRM. Since no match is found, a new record is getting created. Here are a couple things to try:

    -Review your CRM records to make sure the integration keys are populated. If not, you'll need to set up a one-time import from AX to CRM to populate the keys.

    -If " Feature Request" is being used in the key, consider removing it, or removing the spaces (using "-Feature-Request" or similar). I worry that the text and spaces might be treated differently in AX vs. the Connector vs . CRM which is causing the seek to fail.

    In past integrations, I've stored the CRM GUID in AX, and the AX RecId in CRM and used those in the seek steps to find existing records. We also circled back in each integration process to populate the key when a new record is created (i.e. if we create a new CRM record, the last step is to push the new CRM GUID back to the corresponding record in AX).

    Hope this helps.