Help Microsoft with a Dynamics CRM User Research Study

A user research friend from Microsoft has reached out and asked me to invite my network to participate in this usability survey.  I encourage anyone within the United States and with CRM experience to participate!


We’re working to improve Microsoft Dynamics and want your help!

We need a few special participants who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in some capacity as part of their work responsibilities to talk with us about their experiences and teach us about how they use the tool. This is a remoteusability study, meaning anyone who lives in the continental U.S. is eligible to participate. By participating with us you’ll have the opportunity to shape our future direction, including what we should build on, as well as what new things we should add. Where else can you impact the lives of so many users around the world?

When you join our program you’ll try out new technology, or show us how you use products every day. Our researchers will ask questions and want your honest feedback. We have many different ways of evaluating software and hardware, and we make every effort to ensure participation will be easy and rewarding for you.

By participating you’ll make a difference and because we appreciate both your time and feedback, we offer a gratuity as our way of thanking you for making Microsoft products better. After participating, you’ll receive a $150 AMEX gift card as well as a pass to purchase up to $200 worth of merchandise* at the Microsoft company store at discount prices!

If you’re interested in participating please take this short survey and one of our coordinators will follow up if they feel the study will be a good use of your time. Your involvement will make products easier to use and help shape future technology.