Custom Error or Message Dialogs for Plugin to customize messages

Custom Error/Message Dialogs - We are developing a plug-in where our system will provide value by adding user's access control enforcement based on user and resource attributes (attribute based access control - ABAC). When a user opens a CRM business entity, our plug-in will intercept the open/click action to perform access evaluation. If the evaluation is "deny", it is critical to display to the user the informative custom message in the dialog message box via proper title, summary, and brief message. We has partial successes with using InvalidPluginExecutionException where we can display custom brief messages on emCRMUserAction.emACCOUNT_CREATE_ACTION, emACCOUNT_LIST_ACTION, emACCOUNT_DELETE_ACTION, emACCOUNT_EDIT_ACTION and failed on emACCOUNT_CLICK_RECORD_ACTION. For all the actions, we still need to find a way to provide customize text to dialog's title and summary. Any help will be appreciated. If this happens to require Microsoft to make feature enhancement and you have similar need, please add your comment so Microsoft will know the demand.