Dynamic CRM performance?

I want to know clients reviews about Dynamic CRM Services. I want to get this for my company, Company data is confidential so is there any option to secure these type of data from selected users.

  • Hi Eric. Customer reviews of Dynamics CRM (now called Dynamics 365 Sales) are generally very high. It "looks and feels" like Microsoft so user adoption is usually very high. For sales and service folks, this is usually really important.

    It also works great with other Microsoft products, like Office and PowerBI. So that's great for those customers who already have Microsoft software, or who need end to end business solutions. Other CRM packages often make you piecemeal software together across the org to deliver what Microsoft can within the MS Stack.

    Security is easy to manage. you can of course control who sees, edits, creates nearly every piece of data. Just be careful, the more complex you design data security the more difficult it can be to maintain. Microsoft will give roles out of the box with their Sales app which map to certain security settings. Try to use those as much as possible.

    there's more info here: www.microsoft.com/.../sales and a free trial also. Ping me if you have other questions.