Displaying Reports under the "Sales" sidebar tab

I am actually unsure why this isn't an option.  With other entities (like sales order products and sales invoice products) I was able to go into Customization, select the entity and then check the appropriate boxes to have it show up under Sales.  By default, those were hidden and only accessible from the context of an order/invoice.


We just started getting into reporting and the only place to access our reports is under "Workplace" even though nothing else that we use on a daily basis is there.  Everything else, we've grouped under "Sales"


So I opened up the entity and see this:

See how it's all greyed out? I can't select Sales let alone anything else.

How do I fix this? I was searching around and found stuff about exporting the solution and re-importing it, but I don't want to break anything and that sounds like a big deal.