CRM 2015 online performance issues


We are using Dynamic CRM 2015 online and having performance issues like

1."Internet explorer is not responding", 

2.An error occurred.Try this action again. If the problem continues, check the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community for solutions or contact your organization's.Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrator. Finally, you can contact Microsoft Support. 

how can we over come these issues. Thanks..

  • Hi satya!

    Being a businessman I understand how important good crm software is. To tell the truth I'm not strong in IT and everything connected with computers and programs that's why I can't advise how to solve your problems. But I know how to avoid them. I use online crm products and don't have such problems. I think that it is better to trust professionals to do their work than to find solutions to the appearing problems.

  • You might try contacting your organizations CRM administrator. There are some tools at their disposal to improve performance or flag the business about potential service issues from Microsoft's side.

    I know you posted this question a while ago, but I'm wondering if you're still having issues?