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Hi,  we are just installing, attempting to use the Dynamics NAV 2015 CRM package but are struggling to see how we can generate one opportunity that can be sent/linked to numerous customers/contacts.

For instance:  we supply quotations for security & communication systems as a business, the opportunity is usually when we recieve specifications and drawings for a project via post, email etc.  We then currently prepare a sales quotation via Excel, but it is the intention that this will be from within NAV, which is then sent to sometimes 20 different electrical contractors.  The whole project/quotation ideally needs 1 reference number but for us to be able to track its progress we need to be able to look at the quotation/opportunity and see who has recieved copies of it, and then hopefully progress it to order at some point if successful!  We also need to be able to go in through the contact/customer and also be able to see what quotations have been sent them so again we can check progress etc.     

Can NAV CRM do this, if so how as I cant seem to link to more than 1 customer??

Thanks in advance.