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How to Use CRM in Entering Customer Price List and Frame Contract


I have a business related question regarding how to use the CRM in the below cases that I face at work:

First case: when the sales cycle requires sending a price list to customer instead of a quote.

The price list contains all information in the quotation except quantities and totals. then the customer may issue purchase orders based on the agreed prices in the price list.

Second case: when the sales cycle ends in signing a frame contract instead in receiving purchase order.

The frame contract covers long term period with estimated value of revenue and fixed unit prices. The customer issues purchase orders related to the contract which their values may not match the estimated value of frame contract.

In both cases above we cant ignore entering the price list and the frame contract on CRM, though we can't enter them without having specific value. and there is another problem when we enter the related purchase orders in way that we don't duplicate the same transaction.

I look forward for your advice.