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CRM 2011 workflow query



I have the below scenario, any help would be greatly appreciated. In my accounts entity, I need to create a workflow which will basically search for a reference number from an entity and then change the status of the record. This needs to be automated. For example, I receive an email of correspondence from my supplier who would like to update me on my order, when the email arrives I need the reference number from the subject of the email, to then trigger a child workflow to search my accounts entity and then update the status of the record.

I look forward to hearing your response/s.

Many Thanks


  • Hello Sam,

    Based on what you have mentioned, we understand that you need to update the status of the account record (record which matches the reference number) whenever you receive an email from a supplier.

    This can be attained either by custom workflow or Plug-in development. We suggest you to opt for Plug-in development where you can achieve the entire functionality in a single custom development.

    Opting for custom workflow will force you to create out-of-box workflow as well as custom development to achieve desired functionality, which actually takes more effort than the plug-in.

    Steps to achieve the functionality through plug-in:

    1. Fire the plug-in whenever the email is created in CRM.
    2. Retrieve the reference number from Email subject and search for the respective account record.
    3. Update the account record.

    Hope this helps.


    Congruent Info - Tech